About The Project

For this project, we are to design an Android/IOS application to display data that has been collected by a drone. The types of data to be displayed are images, reports, and 3D models. The application should also have the capability to function on mobile VR devices.

As drones become more advanced and capable, their uses can become more engineering focused. With high-end drones having the ability to carry advanced imaging equipment we can use their mobility to get data and images from otherwise hard to reach viewpoints. Once the data is collected it would be useful to be able to analyze the data anywhere, especially on site. We hope to create an application that can be used to quickly and easily access the data collected from these drones from a mobile source.

Since this project is based on creating a mobile application, by the end of the project we hope to become familiar in visual studio as well as app development in general. We also want to be able to deliver a fully functioning application that meets all of the requirements given to us, and we want to meet those requirements on a timely basis. By working as a team we hope to gain experience in teamwork, communication, and knowledge sharing, not only within the team but with our clients as well..